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Welcom to the Magistream NPC wikia! This site is where any and all information about the Non-Player Characters on the adoptable site Magistream will be found.


July 15th, 2010;

As of Today, the Wikia has been updated with all of the recent information from the old weebly and with all the quest text thanks to the help of Emerald Hatchery!

-- DecadentMoonstone/MadHattery

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This wikia is protected quite a bit differently than others. Most of the Quest NPC pages are locked to anyone but Admins, the same with Belmos' stories. Almost every other page is protected to keep un-registered and new users from playing with the pages and screwing them up. If you wish to become an Admin, please contact me on Magistream. -- DecadentMoonstone/MadHattery

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